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This page has been long in the making. In recent years, I have had many requests for full sized patterns of the Great Lakes Teardrop and the Aerotear Model 96. For a brief period in the past, these were created by tracing my original plywood patterns by hand, and manually transferring measurements for cabinets, axle etc. Even though it proved satisfactory, I found this method to be inconsistent from one tracing to the next and very time consuming.

Having used CAD for ornamental welding/fabrication and machine projects, I decided to transfer my plywood patterns and the information scribed on those patterns to CAD files. These patterns serve as the basis for the teardrop trailer plans.

The following pattern images depict the basic outline of the full sized Teardrop Trailer patterns that were created with AutoCAD 2008 and Draft It Pro by CAD logic. The specifications were removed for clarity. Although I did not build many of these teardrop trailers, they were designed for others that had a desire to build their own Teardrop Trailer.

The full sized patterns have all of the printed specifications for accurate placement of doors, partitions, cabinets, hatch location, axle etc. The patterns are all printed on a KIP wide format engineering printer. The actual Cad drawings with detailed specifications accompany the pattern or wide format print for the Teardrop Trailer.  The pattern is divided into  two upper and lower 24" full size sheets which are combined to provide one full size pattern of the Teardrop Trailer.

I have made available, for down loading, a full sized pattern and specification files for a Benroy style teardrop trailer. These files are free and are not for resale. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF files, and an Autodesk viewer for the full sized DWF pattern files. 

The cost for an individual trailer pattern, wide format printing, specification sheets, shipping and handling in the contiguous U.S. excluding Alaska is $98.00. If you are interested in building any of the trailers below, or have questions, please contact me.

Contact information may found at the bottom of this page.


A Note:

I also have a full size pattern for the original Kenskill trailer that was popular in the 1940's, but I haven't completed the interior drawings and specifications.  Also available is a 48" x 96" version of this trailer. 



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