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johnsontear.jpg (38076 bytes)  Before I continue into the TD construction, I would like to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Glen Johnson of Yucaipa, Ca. The couple finished a 5500-mile trip with their TD during the summer of 2000. Mr. Johnson, a retired mechanic and automobile antique restoration professional, built their TD from the ground on up, including his axle, and suspension system.  I liked the design, and wanted to use his basic pattern, which he replicated from their previously owned Scad-About.  Mr.& Mrs. Johnson were very kind, and generous in making a video, and pattern of their registered 1956 Sherwood,  Mrs. Johnson did the filming and Mr. Johnson was actor/director. We hope to visit with them someday and thank them personally.

bodyside1.jpg (20340 bytes) As previously mentioned, I wanted to replicate the Johnson's Scad-About design.  The Johnson's TD is considerably larger than his original manufactured Scad-About.  For the sake of numbers this TD is 115" front to back (plus a 48" tongue). 

  teardrop trailer body side As most of us already know, "it is a 4x8 world!", and any size above those dimensions will  increase cost.  I chose to use 3/4" x 4' x 10' ACX plywood for the sides. ACX is finished on one side only. As described on previous pages, flooring is 3/4" x 5' x 10' ACX.  In 2000 the 3/4" x 5'x 10' sheet cost $77.00 and $52.00 ea. for the 3/4" x 4' x 10' ACX, from American Plywood, in Royal Oak, Mi. plus $15.00 delivery. The sides were installed to the 2" x 4" Oak frame with stainless steel 21/4" square head screws. and a heavy bead of adhesive.

 bodyside3.JPG (33724 bytes) I opted for two doors. The chosen size is 28" W x 34" H. However, this may change. Sides and openings were cut with a Dewalt orbital jig saw, DW321K. This model saw goes through two 3/4" sheets with ease. 

teardrop trailer spars In keeping with the goal of insulating the TD from the elements here in the Great Lakes region, I decided to use 2" x 3" pine for roof spars which will allow at least 2" of insulation or more. The bows will be tied to nailers also 2" x 3" with L brackets, shown in photos on next page. The Last roof bow is 2" x 3" Red Oak, which will support the galley hinge and door.  This size lumber will not be used for the bulkheads as it dramatically reduces the floor space.

teardrop trailer front spars All roof bows are installed with stainless steel 21/4" screws. The ends of the bows are all coated with construction adhesive.
The plywood was really warped, but felt it would straighten out after installation of the roof spars. It worked but I know there will be a price to pay. I really didn't feel up to loading 4x10's for shipment back to the store and doing this whole scene over again.


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